Why You May Need Armoured Vehicle Services in Brazil

Why You May Need Armoured Vehicle Services in Brazil

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A few factors ask for an armoured vehicle service Brazil government can not provide. Here are the major reasons why you may need armored vehicle services in Brazil.

COVID-19 and violence

Not even the rules to combat the COVID-19 pandemic worked to lower crime rates. None of these measures have been able to stop the violent acts of criminals. As a result, the Brazilian police repressed them with the use of firearms. In April and May 2020, when the state adopted the strictest measures, a sharp decline in all crimes followed.

At first, thefts, robberies, crimes against property, and violence against people halved. Yet, during the lockdown, police had to intervene on several occasions. As a result, the lethality rate reached record levels. When you travel to Brazil for work or leisure, you cannot ignore travel safety. Only an armoured car service Brasilia can provide the right protection. Plus, you get the convenience of having an expert driver. Your driver makes sure you optimize the time available for your meetings and duties.

Poverty and terrorism

It seems a century has passed since the well-known verses of Tom Jobim. He was the musician who described the city of Rio de Janeiro as a tropical paradise. Today, those words have lost their meaning. In fact, a few miles from the city's airport, a conglomerate brings together 16 favelas. There, people live in a state of war every day. Sadly, poverty and terrorism are scourges in this land.

Due to political and social tensions, acts of violence often occur in broad daylight. As well as strikes, protests, and sit-ins. In April and May 2020, in the state of Sao Paulo, 187 people died in clashes with the police, compared to 143 in 2019. Thus, you need to rely on a private armoured car service Sao Paulo can not offer as an institution.

Political instability

The Brazilian problem of public safety is a reality that finds no justification. Mostly, people associate this problem with political instability and corruption. For these reasons, it is vital to rely on a good armoured vehicle service Brazil. No one can exactly confine the dangers to a specific region or place. Thus, when traveling in Brazil, safety is often in the hands of qualified professionals. Then again, most drivers know the place very well and speak more than one language. In any event, you can count on a professional driver for any of your needs.

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